When it rains it pours

id kill

Id kill to be able to roll up a fat blunt of dank ass bud. Pick up my girl friend and go on a long ass blunt ride to who knows where. Stop some where and get some killer food. Smoke another one and call it a night out at horseneck beach. They said once you quit you’ll get over wanting to smoke. Thats a lie lmao Id rather be able to get out of work smoke a joint and relax then drink a beer. see you when i retire weed =[



I literally fucking slayed this dude on Scarlette’s facebook because of him slut-shaming her and other sex workers/strippers/whatever. Women, basically. 

Man am I laughing hard at the fact that he couldn’t back up an insult.

I think my favorite part was after you finished ripping his anus apart, all I did was direct this picture at him.